Monday, November 07, 2005


Washington D.C., November 07, 2005 -- XM Satellite Radio, the nation's largest satellite radio service with more than 5 million subscribers, recently hosted music icon Paul McCartney in their Washington D.C. studios for the taping of "Artist Confidential," XM's groundbreaking interview and performance program, hosted by XM's George Taylor Morris. The Paul McCartney "Artist Confidential" will premiere on Monday, November 21 at 7 pm ET on XM Live (XM Channel 200), The 60s (XM Channel 6), The 70s (XM Channel 7), Deep Tracks (XM Channel 40), Top Tracks (XM Channel 46) and The Blend (XM Channel 25).

Recorded before a live studio audience at XM's state-of-the-art Performance Theater in D.C., just three blocks from the site of the Washington Coliseum where the Beatles played their first live U.S. show more than 40 years ago, McCartney talks about the creative process, his new album "Chaos and Creation," and shares some unique insights on his life and work. Throughout the hour-long performance, McCartney also treats the audience to live acoustic renditions of songs from the new album, including "How Kind of You," "Fine Line," and "Follow Me."

During the show, McCartney describes his passion for writing songs as a "compulsion," guiding audience members through a brief example of how he typically takes a few notes in his head and works them into a larger melody. There are a few exceptions, of course; the melody for the Beatles' classic "Yesterday" came to McCartney in a dream. "That was a pretty good dream," jokes McCartney.

While not a classically trained musician, McCartney remarks that he does enjoy classical music and says classical music has influenced his songwriting. For example, McCartney notes that a Bach piece directly inspired the melody to the song "Blackbird," of which he plays a few bars for the audience

McCartney also shares with the audience that "Here, There and Everywhere" is among his favorites out of all the songs he has written during his long career.

In addition to the November 21 broadcast premiere, encores of the Paul McCartney "Artist Confidential" will air throughout the week and during December. Complete programming schedules and information are available at


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