Monday, October 24, 2005

Samsung neXus XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Player Unveiled

Samsung has unveiled its neXus XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Player and here it is. Take a look.

This is the first MP3 player with XM Satellite Raido Capability. The Samsung neXus will come in 2 versions, one with 1 gig storage (50 hours) and 1 with 512mb storage (25 hours). Each Samsung neXus device comes with an XM Satellite Radio home docking kit, which allows the device to receive XM Satellite Radio in the home.

The neXus uses the XM's Connect and Play technology which will allow you to tag songs you hear on XM Satellite Radio to be downloaded from your xm+napster online service the next time you place your radio in the docking station.

Digital Content from XM can be stored when the neXus is connected to a home or car docking station. This content can then be played anywhere for a complete portable music listening experience.

The Samsung neXus will also allow you to store songs from your personal digital music collection, including MP3's and WMA files you have purchased from a variety of music services. The neXus will also allow you to create customized play lists using your stored digital music and recorded XM programming together.

Now the bad news, word on the street is that the neXus will not be available until possibly Feb. 2006 due to compatabilty programming delays.

Below are some speccs for the Samsung neXus

Size: 3.4”H x 1.9”W x 0.7”D

Accessories Included:
• Battery
• Earbuds
• Remote
• Home Dock/Cradle
• Home XM Antenna
• A/C Power Adapter
• RCA Cable
• USB Cable
• Manuals
• XM+Napster install CD
• Carrying Case/Holster

Accessories Sold Separately:
• Vehicle Kit


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