Friday, October 07, 2005

Delphi XM RodyXT Now Available at the

The A2Z Outlet Store now has the RoadyXT in stock and ready to ship for under $100. Shipping is Free.

The RoadyXT is the Smallest XM Radio on the market and includes these features and Accessories.

  • Vehicle Ready - Comes with everything you need for use in the vehicle
  • Easy Installation - Plug & Play solution for installation in any vehicle or at home with the purchase of the Roady XT Home Kit
  • Cutting-Edge Design - Sleek, innovative, compact design that delivers high sound quality
  • Built-in Wireless FM Transmitter - With all frequencies available makes any FM radio and XM radio
  • Tune Select - Helps you find your favorite artists and songs on any XM channel
  • Info Extras - Keeps track of your favorite sports scores and stocks
  • Custom Back-Lit Display Colors - Seven new custom colors and convenient backlighting on all control buttons


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