Friday, October 14, 2005

Decades of Music on XM

100% Commercial Free

Don't just imagine the old days. Relive them. If you've ever wanted to step back in time, XM Satellite Radio makes it happen. Our Decades channels remember the past just the way you do - and authentically recreate each era from the sound up. It's an experience that could only happen on radio - and only on XM.

From the World War II through the end of the millennium, we bring you irreplaceable hits of the past in their historical context. It's a decade-by-decade cavalcade: war news from the European front, Ike and Mamie, Jack and Jackie, Brylcreem and hula hoops, Watergate and Whitewater - right through 1999. And each decade has its own dedicated channel, so it's easy to revisit the times of your life in vivid detail, with amazing music and sounds that replay radio from each era.

The 40s - XM 4
Climb aboard the Savoy Express for a trip to yesterday and the sounds of swing. Revel in the heyday of the big bands and the hits of the 40s. All aboard, Track Number Four!

The 50s - XM 5
Relive Rock and Roll's earliest days with Elvis, Buddy and all the legends. Or follow the Hit Parade of the day with top sellers like Perry Como and Patti Page. Whatever your passion, The 50s rocks!

The 60s - XM 6
The times they were a changin' and it caused a revolution in music. From the Beatles to the Temptations... from The Beach Boys to Bubble Gum to Psychedelia - presented with all the energy of the legendary Top-40 DJs

The 70s - XM 7
Go ahead: Boogie back to the first disco revolution. Plus there's Barry Manilow, Fleetwood Mac, the Carpenters and more. All the good stuff -- and no Pet Rocks

The 80s - XM 8
The 80s were a decade-long hit machine. Turn it back on, and don't stop the music: an incredible playlist including Culture Club, Hall and Oates, Van Halen, Billy Idol and REO Speedwagon.

The 90s - XM 9
The music of the 90s has many faces; the face of the grunge sounds of Nirvana, the face of the hip hop sounds of Biggie, the face of the dance beats of Corona and finally, you can hear all of the great 90s music in one place and the music from the entire decade from 90 until the turn of the century. Plus listen up for some fun, entertaining antics, and interaction from coast to coast!


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