Friday, September 30, 2005

STMicroelectronics Ships More Than 10 Million XM Satellite Radio Baseband Decoders to Radio Manufacturers

GENEVA, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM)announced today that the Company has now shipped approximately ten and halfmillion XM Satellite Radio baseband decoders to XM's radio manufacturers.These System-on-Chip (SoC) products integrate all the specific functionsneeded to manufacture an XM Radio receiver. The 10.5 million XM Radio decodershave been delivered to equipment manufacturers including Delphi and Pioneer,for vehicle, portable, and home radio receivers.

Shipments of the first XM baseband decoders began in the second half of2001, when the function was integrated into two custom devices (a channeldecoder and source decoder) in a 0.25-micron process technology. Around 2.5million of these kits were delivered followed by nearly 4 million kits in0.18-micron technology. And for more than a year now, ST has been shipping thesingle-chip XM baseband decoder, a monolithic device based upon a 0.13-micronprocess. This product recently passed the remarkable target of 4 million unitsshipped.

"This milestone is very important for both STMicroelectronics and XM, andit indicates strong demand throughout the supply chain for XM's digitalsatellite radio service," said Ugo Carena, ST Corporate VP and General Managerof ST's Automotive Products Group. "As the sole supplier of XM BasebandDecoders, right from the very beginning, ST is proud to be part of this highlysuccessful business, and will continue its strong contribution to XM'soutstanding growth by extending its portfolio of products dedicated to XMreceivers, including a monolithic front-end IC and a multifunction systemmicrocontroller."

"STMicroelectronics has been a strong supporter of XM Radio with its on-time shipments of huge quantities of world-class quality chips," said XMPresident and CEO Hugh Panero. "This has been a critical factor in XM radioreceivers becoming the huge success that they are today." ST is now starting deliveries of an innovative 'System-in Package' basedproduct using the Company's core know-how in both logic -- and radio-frequency-- based technologies. This combination allows ST to condense the complexfunctions of the XM receiver into highly integrated components, which stronglycontributes to the reduction of size and cost of the end-user radios.


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