Friday, September 30, 2005

ABC Radio Networks To Create And Syndicate Daddy Yankee National Radio Program

Hispanic Music Star to Host Weekly Two-Hour Program

NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ABC Radio Networks announced today anexclusive agreement to create a weekly two-hour syndicated radio programhosted by Puerto Rican Reggaeton sensation Daddy Yankee. This new enterpriseunderscores the network's commitment to develop quality programming for thefastest-growing segment of the United States population.

Under the terms of the multi-year agreement, ABC Radio Networks willdevelop and distribute the program targeting audiences of ages 18-34. The showis expected to run on Saturday evenings beginning this fall.

"We are very excited to offer this breakthrough show to our affiliates andadvertisers," said Darryl Brown, executive vice president and general managerof ABC Radio Networks. "In just a few short years, Daddy Yankee has quicklyestablished himself as an international music phenomenon and we look forwardto bringing him to a national Hispanic radio audience here in the UnitedStates."

After observing the unyielding support of his fans and his personal desireto share his vision with anyone who was willing to hear it, ABC reached out toDaddy Yankee. Yankee's carefully crafted lyrics and his ability to interprethis musical compositions have allowed him to deliver his real message to themasses. From love themes to socially-saturated comments on the everyday PuertoRican culture, his songs have remained solid hits in the club scene and areconsidered Reggaeton classics.

Yankee's intense drive and his desire for artistic expression havegarnered the respect and admiration of the international music community. Thisenergy and enthusiasm have allowed him to create an extensive body of workspanning more than 130 published tracks in as many as 70 feature albums.

Without a doubt, his solid record sales confirm his success and popularitywithin Latin Music. All of his albums have received platinum status.Throughout the years he has consistently remained at the top of the charts inhis native Puerto Rico, one of the most prestigious markets within LatinMusic. His latest release titled "Barrio Fino," which is his most completeoffering to date, has remained the hottest selling Latin music album for thepast year. This album not only brought Daddy Yankee international acclaim buthelped spearhead the incursion of the Reggaeton Genre into the internationalmusic scene. The album earned its place in history by selling over two millioncopies world-wide and reaching the top of the Billboard Latin Album Charts andremaining in this position for over 53 weeks, thus cementing his position atthe forefront of the Reggaeton genre and was awarded Reggaeton Album of theYear at the 2005 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

"I am excited about the great opportunity this new radio show will give myHispanic community," affirmed Daddy Yankee. "I aspire to be a trendsetter andI hope that with this deal I will be able to open doors so that others mightbe able to follow. I am proud to be the first Reggaeton artist to have his ownnationally syndicated radio show and with this tool I will be able to reachaudiences we hadn't been able to reach before, this will prove to those thatstill doubt it, that the Reggaeton movement is a real musical genre," Yankeereiterated.

"ABC Radio Networks en Espanol provides beachfront access to the hearts,minds and ears of the U.S. Hispanic population," stated Kevin Miller, seniorvice president of Business Development, ABC Radio Networks. "It is ourbusiness to develop world class radio properties for those networks thatattract and retain millions of Hispanic listeners for our affiliate andadvertising partners. The Daddy Yankee Radio Show is one such property and isdestined to be our Empire State Building."

Currently, Daddy Yankee is touring Latin America and the United States,where he has been consistently met by thousands of eager fans. Recently inColombia and Ecuador, Daddy Yankee performed in front of over 60,000 screamingfans. His energy and dedication have enabled him to record more than 130tracks in as many as 70 feature Reggaeton albums.

"As the pioneer and recognized frontman for the popular Reggaetonmovement, Daddy Yankee has captured the attention of millions of youngHispanic listeners," said Elisa Torres, senior director of Hispanic affiliaterelations, ABC Radio Networks. "We are confident Daddy Yankee will be able tobuild a strong radio platform that reaches the highly emergent Latinocommunity across the United States."


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